… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.

I am giddy, anxious, excited, and sad all at once. It must be Monday.

It is funny how I can experience such wildly different emotions at the same time in this job. I’m giddy because I just heard back that our EOE/Affirmative Action Compliance report was accepted by the state and we are good for another two years! This was the first time I did the report, and I did it all myself, so I’m happy that it worked out so great!

I’m anxious and excited because this Friday I leave for a long vacation (2 weeks!). So I need to establish back-ups, get any outstanding work done, and get all the little details for my trip arranged as well! Vacations are a lot of work.

I’m sad, because I will need to term an otherwise outstanding employee today because of her questionable behavior outside of work. I don’t like firing employees, even when they deserve it, but this one really makes me sad. Unfortunately, an employees poor judgment outside of work can sometimes put a company at risk. Sadly, there is nothing else we can do when someones integrity is thrown that much into question.

Like I said, it must be Monday.

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