… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.

I am not here to be used (well, I am, but not really)

Ah, The joys of working in HR. Part of the reason why I enjoy working in HR is the variety of tasks I get to do and learn, even on a daily basis. It’s funny how often (insert random HR title here) becomes Jack-of-all-trades. You need someone to head the committee on Safety? Sure, makes sense to me, I already handle Worker’s Compensation claims. You need me to create a training schedule for the new receptionist? Why not? That’s what I’m here for. You need me to go buy 80 apples, wash them, and place them strategically throughout the office? Okay, where are my car keys…What?

Sometimes, due to the nature of my position, I get asked to do some unusual things. When you work for a small office as the only HR minion (Note: I’m not the only HR person, just the only minion) you expect those sort of things. It keeps my day interesting. And I enjoy holding a rather unique position within the company.

However, there are some things I refuse to be used for. I am not an excuse for not getting your work done. If you stop by to chat when you should be working, do not tell your manager you were discussing a problem with HR. Showing me your iPhone is not an employee relations issue. Some people have genuine reasons to speak to me. I am also not a mediator for your personal fights with co-workers outside of the office. If you have a relationship with a co-worker outside of the office, keep it outside of the office. I don’t want to know, and I certainly don’t want to lecture you about not having it affect your job. This is a company, not a day care.

Now if you all can just keep that in mind, I have to go buy some spring decorations for the break room.

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