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I want you, to want this job

My favorite part of TV show Dirty Jobs is that no matter who the host Mike Rowe talks to, they all seem to like their job. At the very least, they are proud of the fact that day in and day out they perform a truly disgusting or hard job that is essential for society (or a company) to function. If you can work as a sewer inspector for five years and still speak positively about it, my hat’s off to you (metaphorically speaking, that is — I don’t generally like hats. Hats are nice in theory but bad in practice).

When I’m looking for a candidate for a position, I really enjoy and want to see that willingness and drive to not only get the job but be happy and proud of doing it. That being said, I am automatically turned off by any candidate who tells me “I just really need a job” when I ask them why they are interested in a position. As someone who has bills to pay, I understand the desperation to get a job, any job, in order to get by. But as someone who recruits and really loves her job, for someone to take any job just to have one and then not putting any effort into it really annoys me.

Sure, a lot of jobs aren’t glamorous, exciting, or come with a six-figure salary and corner office. Who cares? Well, you do, obviously, but not everyone does. If I’ve learned anything from Dirty Jobs, it is that it doesn’t matter what type of position it is, there is someone out there who would enjoy doing it, or at least take some pride and ownership in it. If you are applying for a position and you can’t see yourself feeling that way about it, or if it is just something to do until (fill in miscellaneous scenario here), then don’t bother. I don’t think you’re right for the job anyway.

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  • 1 The Happy Employee :

    I would even go as far as say:

    If you just really need a job, any job, at least show some respect to the HR person and figure out why somebody else might want this job. Then say it in a way that might mean that it’s you.

    Don’t show up for an interview and make it too easy for me to say no.