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A world without HR challenge

Sorry I was late on this challenge, vacation took precedence over blogging. But I am now out from underneath my pile of email so I will venture forth to answer The Happy Employee’s challenge .

What do I think would happen if there was an HR rapture?

1. For the first month, I don’t think managers would notice we were gone as we aren’t at the table right now anyway. (Can you hear the snarkiness in that? Bad HR Minion.)
2. Lawyers will become very happy with the sudden increase in employee relations lawsuits.
3. No one will enforce the dress code policy. (It’s not my place anyway, they’re your direct reports for crying out loud. Manage them already!)
4. Nepotism and other bad hiring practices will run rampant and managers will start to wonder why the companies effectiveness keeps going down.
5. No one will be buying apples for the office. (See previous posting)
6. Millions of Employee Engagement Surveys will remain uncompleted.

Do you appreciate us now, people? It’s so easy to hate HR until you need us, huh? Now that I’m done feeling all smug I guess I should start earning my keep.

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  • 1 The Happy Employee :

    Thank you for participating. And sorry for not replying earlier as I wasn’t able to keep up with my reading lately…