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Should I be doing something more?

Sometimes I wonder if there is more I could be doing. Inevitably, I feel there is. However, it’s knowing what that more is, or how much is too much, or if it’s even worthwhile, that trips me up. You could say I probably over think things.

Anyway, here is my situation. I work for a small company that is wholly-owned by a much larger company. We are somewhat isolated at our location so I have a lot of responsibilities. One of my favorites is handling the entire recruitment process. I am usually the first contact candidates have with our company and I take my role seriously. Once the candidate is on board, however, I don’t tend to have much day to day contact with them. Makes sense,we all have work to do, but sometimes I wonder if I should be doing more.

We do a new hire survey after they have been with the company for a bit, but I wonder if I should be checking up with them personally as well, besides greeting them in the hallways and break room. Would that be worthwhile/necessary/overkill/etc.? Is there anything else I could be doing to help them feel welcome and make sure they are getting along well? Any thoughts? Or am I just over thinking this?

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  • 1 HR Wench :

    Dude, totally follow up with them personally. It’s nice and it is a good segue into part two of your job as a recruiter: RE-recruiting current employees (helping to keep ’em happy, informed, engaged, etc).

  • 2 Dan McCarthy :

    HR Minion –

    Absolutely, that first 90 days on-boarding experience is critical to employee retention and engagement. Sure, take that minute to check-in with the new employee. Even better, put an on-boarding process in place and train managers how to use it effectively.