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Approach each opportunity with the appropriate amount of humility

That’s it. The title pretty much sums it up. What? You want more? Okay.

So you think you are a rock star of (whatever). Great. You could very well be. Are you the best there is or ever will be? I don’t think so. There is always someone better, stronger, smarter, faster, etc. Do you have a lot to offer? Yes. Does that mean you always will? Not hardly. Especially if you close yourself off and rest on your laurels.

I like confidence in new hires. I like to see drive, motivation, and an active mind. I don’t like a closed mind. I want to see new hires who want to learn and who understand they never know so much that they can’t be taught a thing or two.

When I was learning Shotokan Karate, the Sensei (teacher) told us a story of two martial arts masters from different disciplines who came to learn Shotokan. One spent the whole time comparing it to his style and was not receptive to learning new techniques. The other was patient and quietly accepted the Sensei’s guidance. Which one do you think garnered the most respect and gained the most from the training? Who has the most potential to succeed in the future? It had nothing to do with who was the stronger fighter or which style was better.

You cannot see someone’s abilities when you are blinded by your own perceived abilities. Don’t be so humble that you hide your accomplishments but don’t wear them as proof of your value either. Remember, it’s not about you.

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