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HR Idols?

Recently, I was thinking about how most industries, groups, organizations, etc. all have their idols. People that they look to for inspiration, guidance, to serve as spokespeople, or as embodiments of their goals. Now, I’m not sure if we have anyone that the HR Industry would all agree upon as fulfilling this role, but I’m sure we all have our individual idols.

For example, Scott Weisburg, the Vice President of Compensation, Benefits and Staffing for General Mills Inc., once came to give a talk for an HR class I took in college. I was so impressed by his presentation on recruiting & training for high performance that I asked him what I needed to do to work for him. I know I’ve found someone I really admire when I find myself wondering how I can work for them or mentor under them. My ideal boss is one I can learn from and cares about my development. Unfortunately, I have yet to have the opportunity to work for him. Oh well.

Do you have an idol or do you think there is someone the whole industry should be looking to? Should we hold a vote? I wonder how much it would cost to get Seacrest?

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