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If I work here, can I get free alcohol?

So the husband and I are considering moving to Seattle. Not for a couple more years, but we are already researching it. The culture, places to live and, most importantly, companies and the local job market.

There are a lot of big companies in the area that would be cool to work for, and not even just the obvious ones like Google or Starbucks. And then I saw the recent commercials for Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

You mean they are located in Seattle? Man, I gotta move out there. I’m betting employees there get some fun perks. I’m a big fan of perks.

Any suggestions on fun companies in Seattle?

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  • 1 Laurie :

    OMG, we don’t do soy.

    That’s a great tag line.

  • 2 Topher Liddle :

    That is a great commercial! Seattle is definitely home to some of the most innovative companies, my goal is to eventually get there as well, good luck!

    p.s. great blog, i will be adding it to my blogroll

  • 3 HR Minion :

    Laurie – I don’t usually like commercials but Mike’s always comes up with some great catch phrases.

    Topher – Let’s make a deal that the first person out there has to help find a job for the other. 🙂 I’ll add you to my link list as well, your blog is like serious and helpful and stuff. Thanks!

  • 4 HR Maven :

    I LOVE higher education – most people don’t think of it as a career option but it can be a terrific environment in which to work!

  • 5 HR Wench :

    I once had an acquaintance that worked at UW in Seattle (in HR) and LOVED it. We lost touch tho 🙁 or else I would hook you up.

    The Pacific NW is a wonderful place. Come on over.

    PS I believe The Googles is HQ in California. Were you thinking of Microsoft? They is in the Redmond (right by Seattle). Now if I could just get the MS recruiters on the East Coast to understand that Portland is 3 1/2 hrs away from Seattle….they would stop calling me!

  • 6 HR Minion :

    HR Maven – I’ve worked in Higher Education HR and I liked it. It would be cool if I could work in it again.

    HR Wench – I think I would like the Pacific NW, I think it would really suit me. 🙂 Microsoft would be cool too, but Google does have a couple of offices up there which would be a nice way to get around having to live in CA to work there.

    If I did move then I could take a road trip to Portland so we could hang out!

  • 7 Totally Consumed :

    Seattle totally rocks … as does Portland. Hard to go wrong anywhere in the NorthWest … just remember to bring your rain coat!

  • 8 HR Wench :

    I wish The Googles had a PDX office. That would RULE.

    TC – When we see raincoats we see A TOURIST!

  • 9 HR Minion :

    I like rain so no worries there. I’ll be sure to avoid the rain coat though. I certainly don’t want to be grouped in with the “tourists”. 🙂