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Does success in one part of your life translate to success in all?

… or what I have learned from watching Ninja Warrior.

You’ve seen them. The awe-inspiring athletes with heart-touching life stories set to emotionally manipulative music. You watch them strive for the best, cheer like crazy when they succeed, and get upset with them when they fail. And fail they do. I mean in 20 tournaments and 2,000 contestants, only 2 men have ever succeeded. That Warped Wall obstacle is just a killer.

As I watch these athletes give their all in what can only be called a sadistic, pain-inducing slog of an obstacle course; I sometimes wonder if their success on the course translates into success in other aspects of their lives. After all, the traits that would enable you to succeed in the tournament, should translate well into other areas.

Shingo Yamamoto, for example, has over the last 10 years of the tournament gotten married, been promoted to district manager, built his own house, etc. His dedication, commitment, and persistence that have helped him succeed in Ninja Warrior have obviously helped him succeed in his life as well.

But is that level of success a guarantee? No. “Mr. Ninja Warrior” Katsumi Yamada, while enjoying the popularity and success his participation has brought him, seems to have had a harder time than some of the other All-Stars. In the years spanning his participation in the tournament he has lost jobs, swore to quit the tournament several times, and caused strained relationships within his family. Not exactly what you would call a success.

So what is my final answer? In the end, I feel that success depends more on the person than the circumstances. Just because you do well in one thing, it doesn’t mean you always will or that you can duplicate that success in something else. Sure, even successful people are dealt a bad hand every once in a while. But it’s how they deal with it that matters. And the ones who truly succeed in life, in all aspects of their life, know that there is more to success than talent and hard work. You have to be mentally ready to succeed as well. That is why despite embarrassing failures and even dislocating his shoulder, Shingo Yamamoto has participated in every Ninja Warrior tournament. And that is why Katsumi Yamada has given up when faced with similar challenges.

Now you might be asking yourself, self, why didn’t Minion use the Olympics as an example? I mean, it’s going on right now. The answer: I think Ninja Warrior is cooler. Never been much into the Olympics myself. But when Olympic athletes compete on Ninja Warrior? That is spectacular!

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