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You’re supposed to be managing them, not the other way around.

We’ve all heard it before and seen the truth of it in action. People who are promoted one level beyond their competence. Yay for the Peter Principle. It’s like Cognitive Dissonance; what doesn’t it explain when it comes to bad behavior/performance?

I can understand that some people end up as supervisors and managers when they really don’t have the skills. Sometimes you can correct the problem with training, sometimes not. One situation I hate dealing with is when they are AFRAID of their own employees. How do you work with that?

-They want their employees to like them, so they won’t take a stand on workplace issues.
-They are afraid of confrontation, so they lie or react passively (if at all).
-They rather fire a great employee than risk them being promoted to a higher position or even into their position.
-They have the emotional intelligence of a grapefruit and fold at the first signs of tears/anger/sarcasm.

The only thing worse than a supervisor who is afraid of their employees, is if the supervisor’s boss is also afraid of their employees. One weak supervisor can cause enough damage without adding a weak leadership team on top of that. Sometimes you need to clean house by bringing in someone who will kick butt and take names. Harsh reality of life, but just because you were promoted to the position, it doesn’t mean you should or will stay in it.

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  • 1 MsPinkSlip :

    Who told you about my boss?

  • 2 HR Minion :

    Mspinkslip – Actually I was pulling mainly from my sister’s boss, and a little from a couple supervisors where I am. I’m sure it’s not a unique occurrence though. 🙂

  • 3 HR Maven :

    Wow, I thought you were peeking into my work! Here is a exchange about an employee issue with a supervisor at my work:

    Supervisor:”Well SOMEBODY needs to talk to her…”

    Me:” Well, that somebody would be YOU.”

    Supervisor: “What? You don’t take care of these kinds of issues?”

    Me: “Well, no. You are the supervisor and need to address these kinds of issues.”

    Supervisor: “Can you just fire her?”

    Even the Ph.D. he has didn’t help in this situation….

  • 4 HR Minion :

    Maven – I have a supervisor who I had that exact conversation with as well!! That is so wrong that it is so common.