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Day One: My feet hurt.

It’s morning now, early, before the 2nd day of the Talent Management Summit starts. I’m getting up extra early just for you, my dear readers, so enjoy! After my first full day in Vegas, here are my thoughts:

– I brought the wrong shoes, which was only exacerbated by my poor memory regarding distances in Vegas. It took me 25 minutes to get to the Conference. I’m only 4 or 5 Hotels away!

-Can Caesar’s get any bigger? Seriously, I was walking past it for most of that 25 minutes.

-The conference wasn’t as big as I was expecting (still good considering the economy though) but it was a fairly diverse group and they all seemed quite serious. (too serious or too tired, your call).

– I don’t care if they want us to give back our badges (recycling), I’m keeping mine and the fun Press ribbon that came with it.

– My favorite speakers yesterday were Marc Effron from Avon and Susan Hailey formerly from Harrah’s. Both were energetic and interesting.

– No wireless access for HR bloggers = fail. My phone didn’t even last the day. I’m bringing the charger today.

Jenn, Laurie, and Mark are all really cool in person and meeting up with them was worth the trip alone.

– Simple seems to be the overriding theme of the conference. Everyone was talking abut simplifying this, or that product was so simple to use, etc.

– I wish the presenters went farther and dug deeper with their presentations. I left wanting more, and not in a good way.

– The husband discovered that people don’t go to the hotel pools to swim, they go to sit around it, talk, and be seen.

– The monorail is not worth the price to only go two stops.

– People can be jerks on vacation, especially when trying to take advantage of a free shuttle. Be good and don’t cut in line. Manners exist on vacation too.

– Penn & Teller’s show was just as awesome as I remember and had a nice combo of new and old material. And let me just say that Penn was really, really nice to me when I went up to talk to him after the show. I was stuttering and nervous and he was very sweet. I’m not good with talking to people I don’t know but admire (weird huh? I have no problem talking to anybody else, even someone I admire but know.)

So that is my rundown of Day One. I will provide a Day Two summary later as well as an overall conference recap. Have a good day everyone, I’ll leave you with a group picture.

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