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Day Two: I’m here to be diversed.

Sorry this summary is late! My day today consisted of: arriving home in Minnesota after a rough red eye flight, home to sleep for a few hours, work, home to sleep for a couple of hours, pick up the puppy, and eat. But now I’m somewhat alert and capable of forming coherent sentences so here we go with a summary of day two!

– Limping to the convention center in the quiet Vegas morning made me feel like a wounded animal being stalked by a predator. Not the most comfortable feeling. Later on I told the Husband he had to look all gruff and be protective.

– There was a distinct lack of attendees today. I think Vegas may have offered more temptations than the conference could overcome. The really sad thing is that I thought there were better presentations today than yesterday.

– Note to Presenters: If you don’t use or understand social networking, please stop pretending that you do. It is not “The Facebooks” or “The Myspaces”. Please don’t, I can’t stop laughing.

– If yesterday’s theme was simplify, today’s theme was diversity. I heard 3 presentations on diversity and all of them were great!

For example:
– Scott Fleming from Replacements, LTD did an awesome job demonstrating the impact a commitment to diversity and inclusion can have on your company and your workforce. “The rewards far outweigh the challenges of doing the right thing.”
-The ladies from Herman Miller, Inc. stepped up and provided helpful strategies on how they are working to improve their diversity and inclusion. The dedication and commitment is crucial and it’s important to hold even the executives accountable by making it a part of their performance goals.
– Nicole Ganier-Cosme from Magic Workforce blew me away! Far and away the highlight of the conference for me. A recently launched staffing firm arm of the Magic Johnson Enterprise that is partnered with Adecco. Their goal is to reach out to minorities in urban communities and get them working in the corporate world. By leveraging the goodwill and community connections of the Magic Johnson Enterprise they are going to make a huge impact. Please look forward to a future post just on them.

– Lunch, dinner, and drinks with Laurie, Jenn, Mark and his lovely wife, and the Husband was all kinds of fun. Jokes were made, information was shared, and a great time was had by all.

That’s all for now, tomorrow I’ll provide an overall impression of the conference. Here’s another tantalizing photo of lunch at Dos Caminos. Check out the cool skulls in the background.

BTW, more photos can be found on The Facebooks!

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