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… or to put it differently: When my job tries to interfere with my blog.

I’m getting this post out early before I start work because I have busy morning ahead of me before I fly out to Vegas this afternoon. I’ve mentioned before about how much I like my job and how the busy times get evened out by the slow, but I really just want to smack my forehead into a wall at the timing of this stuff.

Because the company is trying to reduce unnecessary hiring, all positions have to be approved by a director. You know what that means. The supervisor wants to fill a position, provides me with all the information, and I send it off to the director where… nothing happens. For at least two weeks, sometimes more. So I have the supervisors asking me what’s going on and all I can suggest is that they should ask their managers to remind the director. Oh, the bureaucracy (though I’ve seen worse, I used to work at a University).

Naturally then, the director finally decides to get around to approving the 5 open positions… the Friday afternoon before I’m going to be heading out of town. So now I have supervisors grumpy with me because I won’t be around to jump on their positions right away and are even asking if they can just do it themselves (Uh, NO!). Seriously, you guys can hold off for 3 days, the world isn’t going to end. We need time for resumes to come in anyways. Deep breaths everyone, deep breaths. However, this does mean I’ll be checking my work email a lot more than I wanted to. Hello, I have a blog to update people!

Ah, the joys of HR. Have a happy Monday everyone, and please look forward to my twittering and blogging, live from the 11th Annual Talent Management Summit in beautiful Las Vegas!!

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  • 1 HR Maven :

    Have fun in Vegas, baby!!

    I have a little secret that I use when going on vacation. I put my out of office on 1-2 days before the ACTUAL DAY/TIME of my departure. And I block off the calendar in Groupwise.

    I had one VP who would literally come at 5pm the day before I was allegedly leaving and sheepishly say that he KNEW I was going but he needed ….Imagine my delight when I could say No problem, I will get that all done tomorrow.

    He was surprised. He thought I was leaving! When I told him what I did with my calendar, he was shocked! He asked when I was ‘really’ leaving and I wouldn’t tell him. He was SO annoyed.

    And it works like a charm. By the time I go on vacation, people have stopped emailing and calling. I highly recommend it!

  • 2 HR Minion :

    HR Maven – That is such an amazingly good idea!!