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Advice for Minions: Preparing for your inevitable death.

I know, I know. No minion ever wants to think about it, but it is an undeniable truth of your existence; Eventually, you will be killed in some kind of dramatic fashion. Either you will fall before the hero, you will be sacrificed to prove how dangerous a situation is, or your boss will make an example out of you in a random fit of anger. Hazard of the job you could say.

For a lot of you, November is the start of benefit enrollment session. That means it is a good time to start thinking of the arrangements you need to make for your family. It’s not enough to just sign up for standard medical and dental plans (assuming you are even offered a benefit package). You need to think of your family’s future before you “accidentally” fall into that pit of lava. Life Insurance, disability, wills, financial matters, it can be overwhelming. That is why it’s best to start now, when you are already assessing your family’s needs.

Sure, you’re telling yourself that you’ll be fine, after all, your secret organization is going to take over the world. It’s great to be optimistic but not to the detriment of your family’s well-being. Here are some tips on how to get started:

1. Read through your organizations benefit offerings. Ask questions if confused and educate yourself on everything that is available.

2. Create a realistic picture of your family’s needs and liabilities so that you can develop a complete understanding of what you need to do.
Ignoring your true financial picture won’t make it go away.

3. Seek professional assistance if necessary. Financial planners, insurance providers, and legal assistance all fall under this category. Better yet, many companies with Employee Assistance Programs can provide you with this help for little or no cost to you.

4. Communicate with your family openly about your goals and wishes. Everyone in your family can play a part in this planning so be sure to discuss it honestly. Additionally, inform any friends and extended family of any parts you wish them to play as well.

There are many other resources out there that can help with this process and describe the steps you need to take better than I could. I just hope that this post encourages all you minions to recognize the importance of it. After all, the last thing you want to be thinking about while breaking into the hero’s secret hideout is what if…

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