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Dude, your life is getting in the way of my work.

I know that people consider work/life balance to be increasingly important. I can appreciate that. I know that I enjoy a job with flexibility. But some jobs don’t allow for that kind of freedom. It sucks, but that’s the way it goes. If you don’t like it, find another line of work. So I’m sure it won’t come as any surprise that I can’t stand when someones strive for more life and less work means more work for me.

Let me explain. My company has a call center on site and if you’ve ever worked with a call center, you know how restrictive it can be. Most employees know this and work with it. But some just don’t have the work ethic. And when everything in your life is more important than your job, you’re going to end up creating more work for me. Whether it’s disciplinary meetings, invalid worker’s compensation/FMLA claims, dispute mediation, or even unemployment appeals, your life is getting in the way of my work. When you try to game the system or test limits at work it inevitably leads to problems for me.

A 7 minute grace period on tardies does not mean you can roll in 2-5 minutes late each day and not be in trouble. A doctor’s appointment does not mean you are automatically excused from work and making unsubstantiated worker’s compensation claims won’t change that either. It’s not your supervisors job to make sure your shift is covered. Life happens, I know, but not every week. And if you do have that much drama in your life and need some help, why aren’t you taking advantage of the Employee Assistance Program I keep talking to you about? Honestly, sometimes I think I should change this blogs tag line to “I may be a minion but I’m not your mother so take some ownership over your own career and stop bugging me”.

Work shouldn’t be the only thing you care about. But it can’t be the last thing on your list of priorities either. Get over it, take some responsibility over your life, and for crying out loud stop making me clean up after you. I have holiday decorations to put up in the break room today.

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  • 1 william uranga :

    Accountability was either instilled at childhood or it gets rough for the worker and company. HR gets to be the parent. Wow. Note I say “worker” because the likelihood of them ever successfully launching a business (versus making it big in the pop culture) is nil. Keep it real, Minion.

  • 2 Tiffany Loudermilk :

    Minion, do you work at my office? Are you the ghost in our HR department? (No, really, it’s a 100+ year-old building. I’m pretty sure there are ghosts… but I digress). If you don’t change your tag line, I’m stealing it. Srsly.

    Thanks for another great post, from one minion to another!

  • 3 HR Minion :

    William – Accountability, like Bullshitting, really needs to be taught in schools. Very important skills to develop young. 🙂

    Tiffany – Boo! Seriously, I guess I need to add it to my tag line then. 🙂 Stay strong my fellow minion, stay strong.

  • 4 HR Underling :

    Oh this Generation of Y’s…what can ya do?

  • 5 HR Minion :

    HR Underling – Hit them? Umm, I mean, work with them to improve their performance, or something?

  • 6 HR Underling :

    Yes, but you must be kind and gentle with them, remember this is the Generation that was told they were special no matter what by their Mommies…and got a trophy even if they lost…as long as they participated!

  • 7 HR Minion :

    HR Underling – I’m not sure I have the patience for that. Speaking of patience, I’ll have to do a post of my lack thereof next week. Thanks for the reminder!

  • 8 HR Underling :

    I know I don’t have the patience, that is why there is a flask in my lower right drawer and a little bottle of white pills in my purse.

  • 9 HR Minion :

    HR Underling – Was that a cry for help dear? 🙂

  • 10 Kate :

    I think if call centers weren’t so soul-destroying, this kind of post would not be an issue. I think it’s time for the whole call center model to not so much be re-built as burned down and burried.

  • 11 HR Minion :

    Kate – Call Centers can be icky. However, some people just love the work. It takes a special person though.