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Veteran’s Day

Today is an important day to me and not just because it is my sister’s birthday. My family has a solid history of serving in the armed forces and I am very proud of that. I’m an Army brat and I’m very proud of that too. It’s not just a job or even as simple as fulfilling your duty to your country. Serving your country is a privilege and an honor. In a way, this day brings out a hidden desire of my own to serve my country, in some capacity or the other. Who knows, I’m still young, in age and career, I may still pursue that one day.

For now though, I have other concerns on my mind. Tomorrow my dad flies out to DC for the first leg of his trip to Afghanistan. Retired military, he is going over as a contractor for a year. This will be a very stressful year for me until I know he is home and safe. If you know anyone who is or has served please make sure to thank them today. Their sacrifices matter, regardless of the politics of the wars that caused them.

The picture above was taken at Pearl Harbor on the USS Arizona Memorial.

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  • 1 HR Maven :

    Hi Minion!

    My husband served for 22 years. We have a beautiful flag, framed, hanging in our house. A sailor who worked for my husband took a one year IA to Afghanistan. While he was there, he flew the flag for my husband and then sent the flag to him along with a picture of it flying in Jalalabad.

    I wish your father safe travels and safe work.

  • 2 HR Minion :

    HR Maven – That was a very cool thing that sailor did for your husband! Thanks for your good wishes. 🙂