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Are you getting Christmas presents for your co-workers this year?

Last year, I bought some small gifts for my co-workers for Christmas. I didn’t spend more than $10 on anyone and since I really only had 4 people to buy stuff for, it wasn’t a big deal. I know how much I love presents, so I like giving them to others as well. But this year, I found myself hesitating a little. I’m cutting back on holiday spending anyway and I was wondering if I shouldn’t just cut that out as well. I don’t think anyone would blame me if I did.

So, I was wondering what other people were planning on doing. Are you getting presents for co-workers? How much will you spend? Are presents something that you feel you have to give? And what are you going to give?

As for me, I’m thinking of going to VooDoo Babies and getting one for each of my co-workers. Everybody needs their own little minion, don’t you think?

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  • 1 HR Underling :

    Ugh. If I like someone enough at work to warrant me buying a gift then I am surely friends with them outside of the office and therefore will give them a gift (or an excuse as to why they don’t get one) on personal time.
    I don’t expect a gift from anyone, though I might give a little card with a candy cane attached, and not even a full candy cane, one of those halfers. We are in a recession, yo.

  • 2 HR Minion :

    HR Underling – I don’t expect presents back and when I worked on larger teams I never gave anything. But if it’s only 4 people and I get along with all of them?

  • 3 Laurie :

    I never gave gifts. The first year with new co-workers is awkward. The second year is easier. I never keep a job into it's third year so then I have to start the cycle all over again! D'oh!

    Do what you want & what makes you feel good about yourself. Since you expect nothing in return, you won't be disappointed. 🙂

  • 4 Rachel - I Hate HR :

    I give gifts to my boss and one coworker whom I’m close with.

  • 5 HR Minion :

    Laurie – 🙂

    Rachel – That sounds ike my situation too.