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Clip Show!

Last night I realized that since I’ve gone over 100 posts that means I am now eligible for syndication. Or is that only for TV Shows? Anyway, you know what happens after a show has been on air this long… that’s right, they do a clip show! I know what you’re thinking, HR Minion was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like doing a normal post. Well, you know what smarty pants… you might be right. Regardless, here we are.

I would also like to announce the winner of my affections and the $15 Starbucks gift card: The winner is TalentedApps!! Honorable mentions go to HR Maven and Kelly! You also receive love and $5 gift cards! Yay, for surprises! I need you guys to email me at hrminion@gmail.com to let me know where to send the gift cards.

Now on to the show! For all of my readers who are new or missed them, here are some of my past posts that seemed to be popular, or well done, or one of my favorites. Enjoy.

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