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Are you ready?

It’s funny how fast life can move at times. 10 months ago when I started this blog I was worried no one would notice it and I would be talking to myself. Then I started making connections and started wanting to claim this blog, out in the open, because I was proud of what I was doing. Not only did I feel my blog had a voice, people were listening. But I was still worried about the consequences of “coming out” when my current employer didn’t know what I was doing and might not have been supportive. It just wasn’t the right time.

Now, everything has changed. After being told I am being laid off from my position, the last thing keeping me anonymous disappeared. Now, staying anonymous would be more of a hindrance to me than an benefit. Not only can I use this blog to help me secure my next position, I can start leveraging the brand I have built in ways I never could have while anonymous. I also have the added benefit of being the only “me” on the Internet. When you Google my name, I am the only person who comes up.

So, are you ready? I’m having a little geeky contest for all those interested in playing along. Below is a code in binary (because yes, I am that much of a geek):


Your task then is to first, figure out the code, second, find out what school I judge high school debate for, and third, email me the answer (hrminion@gmail.com). The first person who accomplishes this first wins a prize. Please don’t put the answers in the comments, I will reveal all later. Thanks and happy hunting!

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