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At least I’m not lonely

For a lot of people, yesterday was a bad day. Over 71,400 people in fact. Whether yesterday, this month, or most of last year, there’s a lot of people who have lost their jobs. As a member of that increasing statistic, at least I can say I’m not lonely. Right now, things suck.

However, I once heard something about pain that helps me put things into perspective. Sharp, intense pain only lasts a short time and lasting pain is usually weaker and can be managed. No matter the type of pain you experience you can either deal with it or it will end shortly, so pain is nothing to be afraid of. I wish I remembered where I heard that (if you recognize this, let me know in the comments, it’s bugging me).

The point is that things will get better and we shouldn’t be afraid. Things will turn around and any chronic “pain” we may suffer we can also live with. Already, I see some bright spots for this week. Tim (The Husband) hopefully will receive good news about a job, we’re meeting Julien Dionne from Leap Comp tonight for dinner (Sushi!), and I’m having lunch with Ann Bares from Compensation Force tomorrow. The only thing that is constant is change so look for the bright spots when you can.

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  • 1 HR Wench :

    Dude, I am jealous. Take pictures!

  • 2 HR Minion :

    Jenn – Of course!! I’ll post them on Facebook.

  • 3 Kerry :

    There are some bright sides to being out of work for a short while. You don’t have to drive in blizzards. You won’t need those special daylight lights, because you can get actual daylight. Your closets/basement/cabinets will soon be very clean. You’ll get a chance to clear your head. You can grocery shop in the middle of the day, when hardly anyone is there (except for chatty old ladies–watch out for them).

    It won’t suck as much as you think, and although I don’t know you at all, the fact that you have mad writing skills and a sense of humor already puts you ahead of a LOT of HR candidates out there. You’ll land soon.

  • 4 Julien Dionne :

    Hi Shauna – Thanks for dinner, that was fun!

    Jenn – Some day we might meet…

  • 5 HR Minion :

    Kerry – Aww, thanks for the support! I’ll look forward to having clean cabinets as well. 🙂

    Julien – Dinner was fun, I just hope we didn’t keep you out too long! Hopefully, your job will go well and we’ll be able to hang out more in the future! 🙂

  • 6 Rachel - I Hate HR :

    Just don’t, ya know, kill yourself and the husband. It’s not that dire yet.

  • 7 HR Minion :

    Rachel – Scary! Things are never that dire!