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I do not think you said what I think you mean

I often find it funny that the same employees who feel HR is easy and that they could do my job better than me, are often the ones who are most confused when it comes to basic HR stuff. However, I would find it more amusing if they did not then spread their misinformation to others with such misplaced authority. I hate it when people make my job harder.

That being said, a lot of what HR does is confusing. We have a lot of laws, paperwork, jargon, and privacy considerations that muddy the waters for the average employee. A former math teacher once said that math should be taught as a foreign language because there so many words you needed to learn first before you could even start solving problems. I know I wouldn’t mind just handing employees a glossary sheet with HR definitions on it, especially around open enrollment time.

As things are now, I often feel like a translator when trying to decipher some of the questions I get from employees.

Employee #1: What do I need to do to change my deductible?
Me (in my head): You can’t … oh, wait a minute …
Me (out loud): Do you mean your medical premiums? Or do you mean your tax exemptions?
Employee #1: Oh, I guess I meant my exemptions.
Me: Sigh. Fill out this form.


Employee#2: How do I switch my 401k from Company A to Company B? I’m supposed to do that before tomorrow right?
Me (in my head): There are so many things wrong with that question, where do I start?
Me (out loud): Well, first of all Company B is the one who handles our 401k right now, and there are no plans to switch it to a new provider. Company A handles our current HSA, and yes, it is being switched to Company B. Did you mean to ask about the HSA or your 401k?
Employee #2: No, I meant my 401k. What do I need to do?
Me: Uhh, nothing.

I do not think you said, what you think you mean. Why don’t they ever mention how to handle this stuff in HR classes?

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  • 1 Rachel - I Hate HR :

    Haha I had one today.

    Employee: I’m using my floating holiday today to take a half day.

    Me: Yep.

    Employee: When does it start?

    Me: The floating holiday was given to you on 1/1 you can use it anytime.

    Employee: No, when does the half day start.

    Me: Well since you regularly work 7 hours. You could leave after you work 3.5.

  • 2 HR Minion :

    Rachel – Do you ever wonder if they are screwing with us deliberately? 🙂