… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.

A little gun shy

I’ve been sitting on something since Wednesday evening. I wanted to blog about it, I wanted to tell everyone about it, but I hesitated. Not because it’s too personal and certainly not because it’s bad. But because I was afraid of something going wonky and it not happening. Am I being too paranoid and gun shy? Maybe. But the last thing I wanted to do was announce something and then have to retract it.

But the thing I have been so impatiently waiting for all day has gone through and I find I can’t contain my excitement anymore. Today, I officially received the offer letter. That’s right, an offer letter. The HR Minion has found a new mastermind to hench for! At least temporarily, it’s a contract gig.

I know I won’t completely believe it is real until I am sitting in my new desk on Monday (Yes, this coming Monday!!) but for right now can I get a hell yeah!?! I’ll blog more about the gig tomorrow but for now, I’m going to do a little victory dance.

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