… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.

I didn’t want him to see his shadow

Happy Groundhogs day everyone, welcome to February. Oh January, we hardly knew you and yet you chose to smack us around so much. You could learn something from February. February is all about the love. And the commercialism and consumerism that hopefully goes along with the love.

Here’s hoping for a happier and more stable month for you all out there. I hoped the groundhog wouldn’t sees his shadow this morning so we would get an early winter. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Who ever knew that our weather patterns were at the mercy of a fuzzy creature? A cute fuzzy creature though.

And if your day doesn’t happen to repeat itself in a seemingly endless cycle where nothing you do changes it, and if you happen to go to Denny’s tomorrow morning for the free breakfast, remember to tip your waitress well. Just because the meal is free it doesn’t mean you don’t tip. To quote Wil Wheaton, “Don’t be a dick.”

That concludes today’s public service announcement.

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