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On fake holidays

The husband and I, being the Japanophiles that we are, don’t just celebrate one artificially created holiday, we celebrate two of them! In Japan, on Valentine’s Day women give chocolate to the men in their lives or to guys they are interested in and want to confess their love to. It’s not until March 14th, or White Day, that the guys reciprocate by getting the women something. And since it’s White day, they typically give the women something white, like white flowers, perfume, ribbons, etc.

This morning I made breakfast and gave Tim chocolate. Next we’ll go to the zoo before grabbing Italian take out for dinner. In a month, he’ll probably forget about White Day until I smack him (not literally) and then he’ll probably buy me some books (get it? white pages.) Ah, the love story that is us.

So have a Happy Valentine’s day my darlings! *Smooch* Fake holiday or not, hate Valentine’s day or not, you’ll always have my love (Awwww!).

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