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You can always learn something new

Today, I went to the first of two outplacement sessions (Career Transitions, as the program is known) that were included as part of my severance package. This is the first time I’ve ever gone to a session like this, but then again, this is the first time I’ve ever been laid off.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what I was gaining by going to this program. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve been job hunting and, quite frankly, I’ve spent enough time as a recruiter that job hunting is something I should be good at. And I do consider myself good at it. Can you sense a little pride coming into play here? I can.

But I went to the session today curious about what it would be like and with an open mind. I’m glad I did. Not only was it a good opportunity to network with the other people in the session, I also picked up some great tips for cover letters, interviews, etc. What is the most valuable thing I learned? That I can’t approach my job hunt as a recruiter, where I just think of what I would like to see if I was the recruiter. I need to remember to think as a job hunter and of what would put me in the best position to get the phone call, the interview, and ultimately the job.

Just goes to show you that no matter how much you think you know, or how experienced you think you are, you can always learn something new. You just have to keep yourself open to possibilities and know when to lock up your pride.

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