… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.


People tend to have completely contradictory views of HR. For every time they find us helpful, they find us to be a roadblock as well. We help a manager hire the right person for the job one day, and deliver a performance plan to an employee the next. People appreciate us, people hate us (or at least enjoy putting us down).

Funny how we are only appreciated when we do exactly what people want us to do and leave them alone the rest of the time. I admit that HR can be better, and can do better. But by better, I don’t mean by trying to win popularity contests.

And you know what? My job is not to ease the frustrations of your job. My job is to help you solve problems, not let you do whatever you want. If that means you don’t like me today, I can deal with that. There’s always tomorrow, after all.

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  • 1 GenXpert :

    People at work can be really whiney. It gets old.

  • 2 Rachel - I Hate HR :

    HR is a tough job. When you do something wrong people are all over it. When you do something right there is no praise because it’s “expected.”

  • 3 HR Good_Witch :

    I always say, “Make 1 person happy and you’ll make 10 unhappy.”

    I think the number one job requirement for HR is a thick skin. Don’t leave home without it!

  • 4 HR Minion :

    GenXpert – Yup, very old.

    Rachel – We get no respect, no respect at all. 🙂

    HR Good Witch – Exactly! 🙂