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It’s called due diligence

HR works hand in hand with managers. It can be an uneasy partnership, on both sides. But in the end they rely on us to minimize risk and we rely on them to not be jerks. Sounds reasonable, right?

Now, both sides need to trust each other and they have to trust that the information they are being given is correct. However, both sides have been known to drop the ball. Mistakes happen. But there are some things that just aren’t okay. Especially when it relates to termination. It’s called due diligence, people and it should be your best friend.

Managers, you may make the ultimate decision, but that doesn’t mean that you can fire somebody for any reason, or none at all, or simply because it seemed like a good idea at the time. And for crying out loud, if you say someone was late, they better have been late and not that your clock was not adjusted to daylight savings time yet. FAIL.

HR people, you can’t let yourself be pushed around be aggressive managers and it is your responsibility to verify EVERYTHING. And just because you feel bogged down by paperwork, it’s no excuse not to be sure the final paycheck is for the right person, for the right amount of money. FAIL.

Sorry, a grumpy day at work leads to blowing off steam on the blog. But you don’t really mind, do you?

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  • 1 HR Good_Witch :

    Sounds like someone had to deal with pesky managers today!!

    I don’t blame you for being grumpy at all! It’s very human of you.

  • 2 Kerry :

    No, I don’t mind, because, like, HOLY CRAP. His clock wasn’t adjusted for Daylight Savings? Seriously????

    What an idiot.

  • 3 HR Minion :

    HR Good Witch – Glad to know I’m still human. All those cybernetic parts I had installed last year were making me wonder… 🙂

    Kerry – It was only a week later, he can’t be expected to be that on top of things. He’s busy. 🙂

    My, my, April first really brings out the smart ass in me. 🙂

  • 4 HRD :

    I share your sentiments entirely. Bless their little cotton socks.

  • 5 HR Minion :

    HRD – Cotton socks, huh? 🙂

  • 6 Vita Taylor :

    I’m lovin’ it…Minion…
    I liken your statements of due diligence (especially regarding the responsibilities of HR folks) to that of the same level of responsibility we would like to see from the media – an educated objective sounding board and guide. Just because the economy is wasted (more or less) HR still has an obligation – maybe more than ever – to watch the gates and be a beacon of sanity amidst the chaos. Thanks for voicing what many have thought…