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An exception to every rule

You know back when I did this post on resume advice? I was talking about how you shouldn’t spend all your energy on creating the most amazing resume in the group because there are other, sometimes better, ways to get a hiring managers attention.

Well, there is an exception to every rule and, when it comes to resumes, if you are entering a creative field, you do want to stand out and be different. Take this resume, for example. It is full of geeky awesomeness and entirely appropriate for an aspiring game designer. Not only does it highlight his design skills, his love for the genre, it also gets your attention in the best way.

Sometimes it’s not always about following the rules, it’s about knowing the rules well enough to know when to break them.

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  • 1 shoppingann :

    I love it! But wouldn’t you recommend that the candidate still provide a “traditional” resume along with this? I’ve found that in my organization, these types of attention-grabbing resumes or cover letters don’t go over too well with hiring managers. They find it amusing and interesting, but in the end, they need and want to know what you’ve done and what you can do.

  • 2 Anonymous :

    As an HR Professional in the Game Industry I have to disagree with you. We prefer a traditional resume and cover letter. An Artist/Game Designer/Programmer entering the industry has to “wow” us with their portfolio not their creative resume format. I need to know they have the appropriate experience and/or education for the job. The type of resume shown is actually a dime a dozen in my industry and just gives me a headache trying to find the relevant information.

  • 3 HRD :

    The previous two comments here seem to highlight the hit and miss nature of something like this. You are always gambling on the receiver “getting” and liking what you have sent.

    Personally I welcome creativity as long as it doesn’t undermine the actually information that I need to see.

  • 4 Rachel - I Hate HR :

    It’s pretty funny. I’d still like a real resume attached but at least it’s something entertaining to look at.

  • 5 HR Minion :

    shoppingann – I agree, I think they would still need something more traditional. But I would definitely lead with this one. 😉

    Anon – Thanks for commenting as I haven’t recruited for the gaming industry before. I don’t know how common this stuff is, but I think it would be odd to not use something creative when applying for a creative position.

    HRD – Very true! You need to know your audience.

    Rachel – Yeah, I love the wonderful geekiness of it! If I was the recruiter he would definitely get a call.