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Carnival Time!

Contract bar… contract bar… what was that again? (Rustles through notes, flash cards, study guide) Wha… it occurs when a valid union contract is in place? GAH! Stupid Union questions! (throws PHR study guide at the wall in disgust, looks up, notices everyone) Ahh, haha… Hi! I didn’t notice you there, my dear readers. Please excuse me, I’m just cramming, I mean, studying for my upcoming test. So, what can I do for you? Oh, you mean you’re here for the latest Carnival of HR… Oh! Of course you are! Ahem, let me just get changed into something a little more appropriate… (runs into closet and throws on a cocktail dress).

Welcome! Please, come in and have a seat. Thank you for joining me today for the latest edition of the Carnival of HR. I will be your gracious host guiding you through all the yummy submissions we have lined up for you.

But first, how about a drink? I know I need one. First up we have the HR Bartender herself, Sharlyn Lauby, with a delicious cocktail I’m sure you’re going to love called Tacit Approval.

Now, how about something to engage your appetite? Prasad Kurian of Simplicity at the other side of complexity blog, offers up a Leadership Sandwich that is bound to hit the spot.

Oh, you say you are looking for something familiar but new at the same time? Sounds like a great idea! Why not try this offering from Lisa Rosendahl of HR Thoughts where she encourages Getting outside of your work. Right into your own backyard.

May I interest you in something less physical and more digital? Steve Boese of Steve’s HR Technology blog talks about The classroom and the community.

I see you enjoy our digital offerings. Would you care to try more HR online? You can choose between HR 2.0 or HR 3.0, but, why not have both? Jon Ingham of Jon Ingham’s Strategic HCM Blog offers Web, Management, & HR 2.0, while Mark Stelzner of Inflexion Advisors argues We are the Web: HR 3.0.

Feeling like something a little bit naughty? (leans in to whisper in your ear) Dan McCarthy of Great Leadership explains why Americans are unethical in getting jobs.

What’s that you say, you’re not sure how much all this yummy Carnival goodness is going to run you? Well no worries, Gireesh Sharma of Talent Junction breaks down the costs of Free HR Software Download Facts and Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership Blog talks about why leadership development is the less expensive (and more effective) way.

That’s it, my darlings. I hope you’ve enjoyed this most recent Carnival of HR and leave here stuffed full of satisfying HR bloggity goodness. The next Carnival of HR will be hosted by Susana Cesar of Recruitment 2.0 blog on May 13th. Thank you for coming by and be sure to grab a mint on your way out.

Now, where did I put that study guide? (scratches head while looking around)

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  • 1 Sharlyn Lauby :

    Awesome collection of posts. Thanks for including HR Bartender!

  • 2 Laurie :

    wow, these are great links!

  • 3 Gireesh Sharma :

    Hi Shauna,

    A great parade of HR Blogs. While I read I felt like in I am in party. Thanks for making it very interesting.

    Your Leadership Sandwich was worth my every $, Steve’s HR Technology Classroom was an eye opener, and I am sure to cut Leadership Development cost as suggested by Wally Bock.

    Overall, When I left your blog I feel satisfied. And Now I am gonna walk with Susana Cesar.

    Good Bye and see you later…at Susana’s party.

  • 4 Ben Eubanks :

    You made a fantastic hostess, little lady! I love carnivals, because it’s so much easier to bookmark one page than a dozen. 🙂

  • 5 HR Minion :

    Sharlyn – Thanks for participating!

    Laurie – I agree, it’s a good group.

    Gireesh – Glad you liked it!

    Ben – You need to submit posts to the carnivals as well! 🙂