… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.

I like, totally missed this stuff.

So, I guess I haven’t been paying attention lately. A couple things have slipped by me recently that I should have caught.

First up, a couple of months ago, William Tincup from the JPIE blog sent out a request for other bloggers to answer some questions for a new series on his blog. After answering the questions, I apparently got distracted by something shiny and totally forgot to check up on the upcoming post. So, here you go, just a few weeks late, 4 questions with me, HR Minion.

Second up, the most recent Carnival of HR went up at Fistful of Talent, put together by Kelly Dingee. I guess I was so focused on what prank I wanted to pull myself that it didn’t realize I was missing another Carnival. As always, tons of great stuff you know you need to read. I will participate in the other two carnivals this month. The next carnival is up on April 15th at the Maximizing Possibilities blog and then on April 29th it will be hosted by, wait a minute, ME! Damn, I really can’t miss that one. That would be awkward.

I promise to pay more attention this month. I have a lot going on and, oddly enough, that tends to make me focus more. (shrug) Who knows, I’m a weird one.

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