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Another post of shameless self-promotion

So just a couple bits of self-promotion before we fully head into the weekend. They are pretty cool so it’s worth it, I promise.

First up, one of my favorite companies, Threadless, is conducting a vote on twitter for which tweets should become T-shirt’s! What’s really awesome is that @coffeeebuzd submitted one of my past tweets as a possible winner! Vote for me! I promise kick backs in chocolate covered macadamia nuts if I win!

Second, completely unexpectedly, I was able to participate in an awesome HR Blogger Happy Hour thrown together in 20 minutes this afternoon by Steve Boese and Mark Stelzner. This conversation was so cool that my dog couldn’t help trying to join in, much to my chagrin. Be sure to take a listen below, it’s long but well worth a listen (and your future involvement as well!)

Geez, I’m kind of a giggle puss, aren’t I? Do I really sound like that?

That’s it for me. You know, with all this self-promotion you’d think I was running some kind of blog here or something.

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  • 1 Steve Boese :

    Thanks so much for calling in last night! It was great to talk with you and the others and if enough folks are interested, I will set up another one in the future. Good luck in the contest for the Twitter T-shirt, you have my vote!

  • 2 Laurie :

    You are the ultimate giggle puss!

  • 3 HR Minion :

    Steve – Yay!

    Laurie – hehe 🙂