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Carnival fun!!!

So it’s been a week of revealing in the coolness that is being the power behind the Carnival of HR and I figured I should really get to work.

First up, it has come to my attention that the more successful Carnival’s tend to be the ones where the host sends out an email to the usual suspect contributors as a reminder. Being one of those suspects who greatly appreciates the reminder, I have decided to help out future carnival hosts by formalizing these email reminders. So if you’re like me and would appreciate an emailed reminder to send in your submission then please contact me at hrminion@gmail.com to be added to the list. I promise not to spam you with offers from Nigerian nobility. I only work with the Russians I’ll have you know.

Second, I am now officially signing up future hosts of the carnival! You know you want to. In fact, some of you have contacted either Alison or me already about doing so. So if you are interested in and committed to hosting a future Carnival of HR please send me an email, once again at hrminion@gmail.com.

You know, for a minion, I’m starting to get a surprising amount of play lately. I must focus on how to exploit this to further my plans for world domination. Because, well, that’s just what evil minions do.

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  • 1 Ask a Manager :

    I knew you would be great at this. You are going to put me and EHRL to shame, and that is as it should be!

  • 2 lisa rosendahl :

    Hi Shauna, you can sign me up for both – e-mail reminder and hostess duty. Have a good one!

  • 3 Mark Stelzner :

    Hey Shauna, I sent out an email blast to the "usual suspects" earlier this week, but please feel free to have anyone else submit their posts to me at mark.stelzner@inflexionadvisors.com for next week's Festivus! Thanks. 🙂

  • 4 Jon Ingham :

    Hi Shauna,

    I'm definiety keen to continue contributing and hosting. I'll send you an email to confirm.

    And I'd also encourage other HR bloggers, particularly those who've not been contributing to do so. There seem to have been quite a lot of new blogs setting up quite recently, and it would be great to have some of those involved.

    Cheers, Jon.

  • 5 Steve Boese :

    Hi there Shauna, please put me on the list for e-mail reminders and I would also love to host one of these days. Talk to you on the HR Happy Hour tomorrow night!

  • 6 HR Minion :

    Ask a manager – Aww, thanks!

    Lisa – Will do!

    Mark – You always do an awesome job. 🙂

    Jon – Definitely! Everyone should get involved.

    Steve – Will do! I can't wait until tomorrow.