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It’s awkward, like puberty

Child actors have it hard. They gain enormous popularity and fame for being cute and charming. But then puberty hits and, for a lot of child actors, their careers stall. They are too old to play the roles that made them famous, but not old enough to suit the roles that will drive their future career.

It reminds me of my situation. Throughout my career I have worked hard to gain skills and experience. I went back to school for my Master’s and I even got my PHR. And yet, I still lack the experience that would enable me to get into the kind of roles I’m looking for. It’s an awkward position to be in. I’m either too qualified or not qualified enough.

So, what’s a girl, to do? Anything that I can. This means seeking out opportunities wherever I can, even if they aren’t ideal, and even if it’s a lateral move instead of an advancement. It’s about having a clear idea about where I want to be while having the flexibility to adjust to the road bumps that will come my way. And most of all, I have to do something I’m not good at; Be patient. Just like puberty, it may be awkward and frustrating, but the only cure for it is time.

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  • 1 teenagers :

    I can't imagine how hard it is for a young actor to live its puberty in front of the cameras. Puberty is Perhaps one of the most visible developments, and the one that is the cause to some of the best, as well as the worst experiences of teenage life.