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Mixed Emotions

As some of you may already know, (if you follow me on twitter) today I was told I would be “released” from my contract at the Buy More. As of June 12th I will be set adrift anew.

Honestly though, I’m not as upset as I could be. Sure, I don’t want to be out of work right now, but I wasn’t as attached to this job as my last one. Don’t get me wrong, it was great experience, pay, and I really liked my co-workers. But I knew it wasn’t something I would do long term. This whole outsourced HR provider model does make sense, especially for big clients, but I didn’t get into HR to be part of a production line. I want to build relationships. Why would I be so interested in social media/networking if all I wanted to do was impersonally handle HR transactions all day long? No, thank you.

Sigh. I’ve had a rough week. But I’m still remaining positive and I feel I’m in a better position to handle unemployment now than I was 4 months ago. I managed to save money and I have my PHR. I’ll keep on remaining positive and pushing forward because that’s what I do. That and stuff. I also do stuff.

I’m once again a minion for hire, looking for her new evil mastermind. Will hench for chocolate.

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8 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Steve Boese :

    This will all work out well for one reason, your supreme awesomeness.

    You have thousands of fans and supporters and I am sure any of us would do just about anything to help.

    The next HR Happy Hour I think must be devoted to the Minion.

  • 2 Lisa Rosendahl :

    Yes, what Steve said. To the Minion!

  • 3 Ask a Manager :

    Ugh, I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this!

    I third Lisa’s seconding of Steve.

  • 4 Sharlyn Lauby :

    Ditto on what Steve said…you are absolutely super and this will all work out just fine.

  • 5 HR Minion :

    Steve – Supreme awsomeness? Sweet. Thousands of supporters? I'm not sure about that, though. :)Thanks!

    Lisa – Raise your glass high!

    Ask a manager – I agree, I'm sorry it's happening to me too. 🙂 Thanks!

    Sharlyn – Thanks, I'm keeping my chin up!

  • 6 Rachel - I Hate HR :

    I totally know what you're saying about wanting to know your people. I think that's a huge difference between call center HR and on site HR.

    You'll move on from this.

  • 7 Kerry :

    That sucks. I'm sorry.

    However–summer is the best time to be unemployed, for sure. So this is an improvement over last time.

    Plus, in my experience, having a contract gig helps a lot in dealing with the loss of the job you'd had for a while. It's like a transition relationship after a big breakup. So I agree…you'll be much better equipped this time around.

    Good luck. I think you're actually going to land pretty quickly.

  • 8 HR Minion :

    Rachel – Definitely!

    Kerry – So this my re-bound job? 🙂 I like that.