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New carnival of HR… and a slightly awkward announcement

There is a great new Carnival of HR up now at Fortify your Oasis and Rowan Manahan is your gracious host! There are a lot of participants and a lot of great posts so be sure to head on over there to check it out!

Unfortunately, I suck and failed to get my entry in on time. And thus, I segue into this awesome, but now slightly awkward, announcement: I have been appointed as the new owner of the Carnival of HR! Started originally by Evil HR Lady and recently under the purview of Ask A Manager, I have been asked to fill some really big shoes.

So, that means I have no reason for not getting my posts submitted on time because I’m like, running the thing. For that very reason I would like to remind you that the next Carnival of HR is on June 24th will be hosted by Mark Stelzner over at Inflexion Point. And yes, I will be looking for future hosts of future carnivals soon, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that announcement.

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