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SHRM Thingy

So I’m super excited to tell you all this but coming up next Friday, July 3rd at 6 pm EDT we will have a very special HR Happy Hour: SHRM Thingy. Well, Steve calls it the SHRM ’09 Special, but, whatever.

Anyway, we will be speaking to HR Blogging Superstars: Kris Dunn (HR Capitalist), Laurie Ruettimann (Punk Rock HR), Lance Haun (Your HR Guy), and Mark Stelzner (Inflexion Advisors). All will be attending the SHRM ’09 Annual Conference (thingy is faster to type out I might add) and they have all been kind enough to join us and provide their perspective on what went down.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this so please just imagine me giggling, bouncing up and down, all while clapping my hands in delight and that should just about cover it.

So, you’ll like totally be there too, right?

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