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That’s not recruiting, that’s telemarketing

Yesterday, I got a rather odd phone call.

Random Guy: Hi, I’m calling from XYZ company and I was wondering if you were still looking for a job.
Me: Uh, yes.
Random Guy: Great, do you have a pen and some paper?
Me: Uh, yes?
Random Guy: Great, I’ll give you the name and number of the manager.
Me: Uh, wait a minute, what is the job?
Random Guy: Well, I don’t have a job description.
Me: Okay, so what is this for? What is the job title?
Random Guy: Well, they are hiring for a bunch of positions, from clerical to IT.
Me: Uh, I’m not going to just call some manager without knowing what this is about.
Random Guy: Okay, have a good day. *click*
Me: What just happened?

If I understand this situation correctly, this company has hired people to do random job board searches under broad categories and then calls them without any actual thought. Wow. They might as well be using random phone number generators and dispense with the “image’ of recruiting at all. This is not recruiting, this is telemarketing and most certainly doesn’t make me want to work with them. If finding a job is a full time job in and of itself, why would I waste my time on them? Fail. Major fail.

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  • 1 David Talamelli :

    I can not believe that clients would want to have themselves represented by a company that operates like this. There is no value add for either the client or the candidate and there is no level of service. I agree 100% that is not recruiting in any way shape or form.

    It will be interesting to see how long they stay in operation with that business model.

  • 2 MN Headhunter | Paul DeBettignies :

    Hey friend,

    Do you know the name of the firm or have the phone number from the call?

    I promise to keep you out of it. Just curious.

    If you do, send me an email.


  • 3 Zach Wentz, MBA, SPHR :

    I think this must be a trend. I got a similar call about a job I "applied" for. When I began to ask questions about what company, what job, etc. to help "remind" me about what I had applied for, I got a pissy attitude from the guy on the phone and then a hang up. Ah, the next stage of customer service is upon us. Enjoy! 🙂

  • 4 HR Minion :

    David – It's like a volume business. For every 100 calls they find someone who maybe follows up. Lame.

    Paul – I'll send you an email. 🙂

    Zach – I hope this doesn't get more common, it's really annoying.

  • 5 perrik :

    Bet the job would turn out to be recruiting. At random. By phone. It's like Amway without the laundry detergent.

  • 6 HR Minion :

    Perrik – "Amway without the detergent" Nice!! I'm totally using that one. 🙂