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HR Happy Hour #5

Wow, I know I’m tooting my own horn here, but these HR Happy Hours are only getting better!

This time we tackled some tough topics like the EFCA, Women in HR, the future of HR, the need for HR to grow a pair, etc. But despite the serious topics, it was an entertaining and engaging conversation throughout. Steve, as usual, does a great job putting everything together and it was a lot of fun!

So kick back, grab a beer, and check out the conversation below. Fair warning, about 7 minutes in I emit a high pitched squeal of excitement when Jason Seiden joins the call. What can I say, I’m highly excitable.

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  • 1 Steve Boese :

    Shauna you were awesome tonight!
    The high-pitched squeal did startle me a bit, but Jason was fantastic on the call so your enthusiasm was totally warranted. I thought it was an excellent show, and thanks once again for your great work.

  • 2 HR Minion :

    Steve – You were awesome too!