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What’s wrong with being a butcher?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong with being a butcher. Same thing as there is nothing wrong with being a plumber, an electrician, an exterminator, etc. That is, until the robots come in and start taking over. Damn robots.

For now, though, skilled labor has a lot of advantages over some fields. It’s local, so it can’t be outsourced. It requires specialized knowledge, so you can earn good money. The training does not take as long, or cost as much, as a four year degree would. And you might end up on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. Worth It.

And it seems that people agree with me. Not only is college enrollment in general up, but some technical colleges are seeing double digit increases as well. I know being an exterminator doesn’t sound like a glamorous kind of gig, and frankly, I would be constantly grossed out, but I bet it has more job security than HR right now. Not to mention a good income and a entrepreneurial opportunities. Maybe… eh, bugs… maybe not.

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  • 1 Kerry :

    I've been fantasizing about being a mail carrier lately. You never have to go to the gym, because you walk all day carrying a big bag. There's no voice mail, no email, and no work to take home.

    Of course, in my fantasy, the weather is always nice, and I'm carrying mail in a safe neighborhood where no one shoots at me.

  • 2 class-factotum :

    Kerry, in real life you are trudging through the snow and the sidewalk your neighbor still hasn't shoveled and should you report him or not? It seems to fascist to call the city about it but darnit, you are tired of walking out to the road so you can get to church.

    My uncle is a butcher, as were his father, grandfather and great grandfather. He has his own business and during hunting season, has more business than he can handle. I have told him he needs to raise his prices but shy should he listen to me? I don't have a job.

    He has no debt, owns his house, a lake house, a boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, etc, etc. He is also his own darn boss and employs three of his kids (who support their families with the job) and two of his grandkids.

    I wish I had learned carpentry or roofing or something. Those guys can clean up if they just show up, do the job, and invoice.

  • 3 HR Minion :

    Kerry – Reality is never as nice as fantasy.

    Class-Factotum – Your uncle sounds like a smart man with a great thing going on!

  • 4 Charles :

    I have two friends who are mail carriers. The one has just retired and is so glad to be "out of there." The other loves his job! So go figure.

    Also, I have three siblings; I am the only one who went to college. And of the four of us guess which one is out of work?

  • 5 Erik :

    Skilled workers doing actual hard work have indeed tended to keep their jobs in this Depression – it's the people in offices that don't directly "add value" or have a clearly defined role that are in trouble.

    I wish there was more carpentry work – that always got me through the dry spells in the past. Building trades is the one area where skill hasn't been a ticket to stability. Sigh.

  • 6 HR Minion :

    Charles = Good luck on your job hunt!

    Erik – I wish I had some kind of useful & practical skill like that, even if it's not as useful right now.