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Acceptance or Defeatism

Most cultures seem to have some equivalent to it. Whether you say “it is what it is”, “C’est la vie” or “Shō ga nai” (it can’t be helped in Japanese) you essentially seem to be indicating your acceptance of a given situation. But when does this acceptance cross the line and become defeatism? When your acceptance is followed by swift inaction.

The fastest way to being defeated by a bad situation is to not do anything about it. And the definition of folly might as well be doing the same thing but expecting different results. I know this but, just like a nurse who smokes, everyone forgets to take their own advice every now and then.

It wasn’t until a friend pointed out that I was sounding a little “woe is me” and kicked me in the butt for it that I realized what I was doing. Bad HR Minion, very bad. No cookie for me. Wait, that’s too harsh *grabs a cookie*. There is nothing that will turn a recruiter or hiring manager off faster than defeatism. Not to mention that really isn’t going to make the situation any easier.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation and you are starting to feel a little too comfortable with how things are going (as in nowhere), then get a friend to give you a little kick and get used to feeling uncomfortable. That’s how you know you are heading in the right direction.

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