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Blogging Carnival with a cause

There are a lot of blogging Carnivals out there in the blogosphere, *cough* Carnival of HR *cough*, but I recently learned of a blogging Carnival meant to help promote a worthy cause in Oklahoma. Jessica Miller-Merrell, aka blogging4jobs on Twitter, is putting together a Festival of Hope blogging Carnival to help promote a local charities fund raising event.

Heartline is a charity with the goal of raising awareness of, and prevention of, suicide in Oklahoma. Suicide is a problem that affects people in all walks of life and age. Suicide is a terrible waste of life, potential, and can destroy a family. Please be sure to check out the Carnival tomorrow at the Blogging4jobs site, help spread awareness of the event, and follow the #foh hashtag on twitter for up to date information. And if you happen to live in Oklahoma, please be sure to check out the charity event itself and donate to a worthy cause.

And if you haven’t had the pleasure, I suggest you take the opportunity to chat with Jessica, or at least check out her site. She is doing a lot of great things with HR and social media promotion in Oklahoma and is fun to talk to.

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  • 1 George Guajardo :

    Sorry about the thread-jack. I just wanted to say hello. HR PuffnStuff recommended your blog and I like it. You have a new lurker!

  • 2 HR Minion :

    George – Hey, thread-jack away! I'm glad you like the blog and thanks for lurking! 🙂

  • 3 Trish McFarlane :

    I always enjoy seeing a new post on your blog. I think it is great that you feature other bloggers and causes. I follow Jessica but was not aware of the Twitter #. Thanks for educating me…once again!


  • 4 HR Minion :

    Trish – You're welcome! 🙂