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Epic Fail

High off the coolness of Lance Haun getting a job due to his blog (but mostly due to his own awesomeness) I see this on twitter:

Lost a job because of the blog. What to do… Posted by @rachl

My first thought was “what the hell?” my second thought was “Who are these effing dinosaurs?” Now, I’ve been reading Rachel’s blog, I Hate HR, since before I started my own and I have to say that the only thing you would have to be afraid of from her blog is learning something that will make you a better HR professional. They don’t deserve her as an employee and she deserves something better than them as well.

Look, I get it. Some companies are more conservative about these things. Hell, that’s why I was anonymous for a while. The interwebs are a scary, scary place. Oh my, what if people… talk about our company? What if it is something…bad or worse, something we can’t control? (Gasp!) Oh no, the interwebs are going to get you, boggity boggity boggity!

You can’t control the communication, people, and you can’t ignore it. The only thing you can do is engage it. If you turn away qualified professionals simply because they are engaging in social media you are shooting yourself in the foot and stifling your ability to succeed in the future. Social media is not just a fad and refusing to engage in it is not a viable, long term strategy. Pull your head out of the sand, darlings.

Be sure to send Rachel happy thoughts and hugs! And maybe chocolate.

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