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Excuse me while I geek out

Now, I’m a huge geek, as you all know, and occasionally this inherent geekiness bursts out and I go all fan girl over something or someone. I try and contain it, but sometimes it will not be denied.

Case in point, I love the TV Show Leverage. I think it is full of win and awesomeness. And tonight, I will not only be able to enjoy the show, but another one of my geeky loves will be involved. Wil Wheaton is in the show! Check out the clip below!

Oh, my geeky heart can barely contain itself. *Fan Girl Squeals* It’s the age of the geek, baby!

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  • 1 Creative Chaos Consultant :

    Leverage + Wil Wheaton = great episode! It's the only show my wife and I watch on a regular basis. Actually, it's the only reason we still have cable.

    Thanks for sharing Shauna!

  • 2 novice-hr :

    HR Minion-
    This is not related to your post but i just saw on ur profile that ur from MN. I'm from MN as well!=) Love ur blog and keep up the good work!

  • 3 George Guajardo :

    Cool clip. I may have to check out the show.

  • 4 Michael Krupa :

    And of course the Leverage + Wil Wheaton episode was shot in our lovely downtown Portland. There was even a mini tweetup outside the television studio that Wil attended after his interview:


  • 5 HR Minion :

    Creative Chaos Consultant – It was great, I was all fan girl over it. 🙂

    Novice HR – I was wondering if you were in MN when you said U of M! Drop me an email and let's grab coffee one day! hrminion@gmail.com

    George – It is a well put together show, funny and often unexpected. 🙂

    Micheal – So when I come to Portland you can give me the Leverage tour? 🙂