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HR Happy Hour #8

The latest HR Happy Hour is in the can and, I know I say this every week, but that was a lot of fun! The topic was Sports & HR and we had some awesome guests (Kris Dunn, Lance Haun, Todd Kmiec, & Tracy Tran) and they all got their own stadium-esque theme music! It makes me wonder what kind of theme music Steve would pick out for me, hmmm…

It was a great conversation throughout, for once I was in the minority instead of Steve, and we discussed such varied topics such as: transparency, star players vs. role players, what do you do about talent leaving, where do you find young talent, Tracy Tran’s confused priorities, and does sport talk at work perpetuate a “good old boys” network. You have to check it out below.

As always, be sure to check out the back channel conversation on Twitter by looking at the #HRHappyHour hashtag.

Oh, I guess I should also mention that the HR Happy Hour…has it’s own website now!!! Hell yeah! Steve put a lot of work into it so be sure to check it out here. All your HR Happy Hour information, now in one convenient place. Check out the archives, our bios, and drop us a show suggestion! Show us some love!

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