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Contest Time! I want pictures!

So George, one of Laurie’s fabulous readers, sent her a suggestion that I am totally stealing (with their permission of course!) because I think it’s cute. That, and I haven’t had a contest on this blog in a while. Also, I like seeing crazy pictures. I think you see where I’m going with this.

Halloween is Saturday and that means your co-workers are going to be dressing up on Friday. Some people are just not going to be able to help themselves. And some people just have no sense of taste or boundaries. I am counting on it and I want pictures! Send me in a picture of the best, the craziest, or even the most inappropriate costumes you see. I will pick my favorite and (insert some fabulous prize) will be won. Come on, you are going to take pictures anyway, you might as well take advantage of it.

Please send your submissions to hrminion@gmail.com by Sunday. Am I going to wear a costume on Friday? Yeah, no. But there is a pair of fuzzy purple cat ears that might magically appear on my head a couple times. And there is a costume party on Saturday in which I will be stealing yet another idea from Laurie and going as a pregnant housewife. This is why you need to read blogs, people! To steal ideas from people more clever than you.

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