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Everywhere I’m going to be

I can’t understand how spring and summer can pass by in a haze of laziness only for fall and winter to smack me around with busyness. Is busyness even a word? Anyway, I’m going to be bouncing around the US over the coming months, though not as much as I had wanted to originally. And who knows, things will probably change. If there is one constant this year, it’s that my plans rarely survive a few months.

Nevertheless, here’s where I’m going to be:

Talent Camp, Oct. 18th through 21st: The totally awesome Susan Burns is bringing together a lot of really cool people to talk about some big ‘What if’ questions about talent. I hear there will be a beach house, wine, and a lot of deep conversations. I expect to learn a lot and don’t think I won’t be sharing the learning with all of you.

HRevolution, Nov. 6th through 7th: HR Bloggers Unite! Finally an “un-conference” dedicated just to us. What started out as a simple thought on Twitter has blossomed into something that is going to be fun, casual, and a great opportunity to meet some of the coolest bloggers out there. I expect geeking out, maybe a live HR Happy Hour, and no small amount of laughter.

Washington, DC, Jan. 26th through 28th. I will be in DC on a secret mission and I’m going to want to tweetup with you, yes you! I will either be really happy and in a mood to celebrate, or I’m going to be sad and need some cheering up. Either way, we’re going to have some fun so keep your calendar free!

Here’s where I wish I was going to be:

Talent Management Summit, Oct. 26th through 28th: Originally, I was planning on attending and I’m very sad I can’t go now. If you are attending, you lucky person you, please be sure to give Lisa and Sharlyn hugs for me and call Jason a punk monkey (and then give him a hug) for me.

Fail Spectacularly Party, Nov. 4th: Jason and Laurie are throwing a party and we’re all invited! It will be a night of schmoozing, fun, and you better bring your story to share.

Dudes, what is with me and not making it to Chicago for stuff? I live well within road trip distance. Dammit, I will make it out to Chicago this year! That’s all for me, for now, so my question is this: Where are you going to be?

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  • 1 Sharlyn Lauby :

    I'm really bummed we aren't going to meet in Chicago…we'll have to find another conference to meetup.

  • 2 Michael Krupa :

    Ummm, Hello???? Did you forget to mention one of the really cool things you might be doing right before Talent Camp?

  • 3 Steve Boese :

    Shauna – can't wait to meet you in person finally at HRevolution! It will be a great time for sure.

  • 4 Tracy Tran :

    So, you're going to be in DC in late January. Nice. My schedule is open all those days…except on the 27th between 6:30-10PM.

  • 5 HR Minion :

    Sharlyn – We will meet, I'll make it happen!

    Mike – A gross oversight on my part! Meeting up with you is something I can't wait for!

    Steve – HRevolution won't know what hit them when we start stirring things up. 🙂

    Tracy – I claim you for breakfast on Jan. 28th then. 🙂