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HR Happy Hour #12

Straight from Chicago, broadcasting in front of a live studio audience, it’s the HR Happy Hour!!!! That’s right, our intrepid roving correspondent Steve Boese was once again on location and this week he was in Chicago for the HR Technology Conference. It was a regular party with some amazing guests and I was soooo uber jealous that I couldn’t be there. At the time, I was at home trying to keep from coughing up a lung. Sigh. But enough about me. The latest HR Happy Hour was full of awesomeness like usual and if you are like me and weren’t able to attend the conference, then you have to check it out!

Tell me that didn’t sound like a whole lot of fun! As always, be sure to check out #HRHappyHour for the Twitter back channel and don’t forget to Get Happy, with the HR Happy Hour!

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