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HR Happy Hour #14

Another HR Happy Hour is in the can and this time we stumbled into strange territory…Love! Clueless@Love to be exact. Two awesome ladies, Laurie Ruettimann and Sarah White came on to preview their new project, Clueless at Love, and we were happy to have them! What does HR have to do with relationship advice? Quite a bit actually! Not to get all work/life balance on you (that was last week’s show!) but from romance at work, to finding time for love when you are building your career, to HR pros being the counselors of the office, love is happening all around you.

The show was full of craziness from the start, let me tell you. We had the usual technical difficulties and some new ones too! Steve was kicked off the call twice and the show cut off mid conversation at the end but we still managed to cover some juicy topics! Online dating, stalkers, work place relationships, “office” and “Conference” spouses, and why people tell HR everything! You have to check out the show! Seriously, do you even have to think about?

Yes, you did just experience that, and you can’t un-experience it. Be sure to check out #HRHappyHour & #Cluelessatlove for the Twitter back channels and you can follow CluelessatLove on Twitter as well. You know you wanna. After all, as Laurie and Sarah say, they can’t make it worse. That sounds like a challenge to me.

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