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HR Happy Hour #17 & #18

Okay, so this has been a crazy hectic week for me and I’ve been derelict in my blogging duties. But I’m home now, surprisingly awake for how little sleep I’ve had, and I’ve got not one, but two, HR Happy Hours to tell you about! Both are a little different than our normal shows, both are a little crazy, and that means you really need to check them out!

First up, last Wednesday the HR Happy Hour #17 was on location for the Fail Spectacularly Party in Chicago! Now, let me just preface this show by saying that in the most appropriate fashion, the show got off to a very rough start when Blog Talk Radio Site went down! Epic. Fail. But oh so perfect considering the circumstances. Steve totally rose to the occasion though, and with our awesome roving reporter Eric Winegardner, we made it through and had a lot of fun too. Check it out below:

Second, HR Happy Hour #18 was a part of the festivities of a little unconference you might have heard of: HRevolution. What made this show really special, was that it was the FIRST TIME Steve and I did a show together in the same location. Darlings, this shit just got real. We were running around grabbing attendees to chat, hi-jinks occurred, and Eric Wingardner helped out with the roving again. He works for cookies I’ll have you know. Seriously though, this show was so much fun and was the one I had been anticipating the most. Check it out below:

As always, check out #HRHappyHour, #FailChicago, #HRevolution for all the twitter bacckchannel craziness! Not to mention that Trish Mcfarlane has a YouTube page you need to check out for some fun videos that may or may not show people pacing in hallways, Ben Eubanks showing off, and me dancing with myself.

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