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HR Happy Hour #20

The latest HR Happy Hour is in the can and we’ve hit a cool milestone; It was our 20th show!! That’s just nuts. Super cool for sure, but nuts! I guess you guys like us, you really like us! Our topic was Next Gen recruiting and our guests didn’t pull any punches this time either. What can I say, we like controversy. But I think a sign of a good show is that you hear things you like, things you completely disagree with, and things that make you think. That and there’s cursing. Because people are much more interesting when they swear. Intrigued now? You should be, it was a great conversation and you need to check it out below:

Super cool, right? Be sure to check out #HRHappyHour for the twitter back channel as well. Honestly, if you aren’t following the back channels it’s like you are missing half the show! We’ll be back in 2 weeks (Thanksgiving being next Thur. and all) so be sure to check out the archives either on Blog Talk Radio or download them on iTunes!

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